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FirstIce® cold compresses

The FirstIce® cold accumulators or compresses diffuse a constant and long-lasting cold (2H). 
After going into the freezer (ONLY), the FirstIce accumulators are inserted into the jacket.

The recharge pack contains:

  • 8 cold compresses (15x15 cm) for Cryovest® Sport.

The FirstIce cold accumulators have a lifetime of about 100 uses or 200 Hours of optimum diffusion. 
Beyond that, the broadcast performance declines. When they become rigid, it is necessary to renew them.


  • Chemical Composition/ NON-TOXIC: Water 82.76%; Nylon/Polyestere 8.41%; Glycol 5.11%; Polymer 3.53%; Preservative 0.16%; Polyestere 0.02%.
  • Unit weight: +/- 180 Grams

*Contraindication: Raynaud’s disease

Nos produits

    Lumbar Wrap - Size XL/2XL

    The lumbar wrap is ideal in the treatment of lumbago. It diffuse a constant and long duration cold (4h) without risk of cutaneous burns nor freezing of skin tissues.

  • Shoulder Wrap of Cryotherapy

    This cryotherapy shoulder wrap is using the First+Ice technology. To provide relief of post-operative pain and swelling after shoulder surgery

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