Improvement of physical performances

*Cryovest for your physical preparation

A cooling vest to carry in phase of precooling i.e. during the warm up, so the athlete can be maintained at a constant temperature without sweating. It is important to know that production of sweat lead to dehydration. CRYOVEST will allow the sportsmen to remain in a normal state without having the impression to have made a physical effort.

The second advantage during pre-cooling is low fuel consumption of oxygen (VO2). Cryovest makes it possible to improve your aerobic performances.

Allows to:

  • keep a constant level of heart rate
  • Stabilize the water status
  • Improve the heart rate
  • Improve the athletic performance and endurance


*Partner of your physical recovery

The recovery phase (post-cooling) is also very important. The athlete can have a lot of competition in a very short time. The use of CRYOVEST after the effort allow a better recovery.

Allows to:

  • Stabilize the heart rate
  • Restore the water status
  • Prevent from injuries

They trust us

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  • FFF
  • FFTA
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  • Le Tour de France
  • Paris Dakar
  • AS Monaco